About us

RuKaInnovation U.K. is a product-based company which aims to help humans in the “fight against virus”. Our main objective is to supply people and businesses with innovative products such as PROMAXCOPPER and PROMAXSILVER (which is a copper/silver-based protective film which reduces the life of virus on surfaces) at affordable rates.

Our History

Founded in 2020, when the entire world was under lockdown, we aspired to stay relevant by helping in the fight against COVID-19.
During our search to find ways to contribute to the society, we came across a simple and innovative product to help communities in the fight against the invisible enemy.

The word “RuKa” has several meanings. It is the name of a tranquil and serene area in Lapland, Finland. In Japanese, it means ‘Bright Blue Flower’ or ‘Gem Flower’. The two  founders’ of RukaInnovation UK “Natasha Lands” and “Hayley Courtney-Smith” have serial entrepreneurial ambitions, both had aspired to start and partner a Company which would provide innovative products for the betterment of humanity.

We live in a world now where we are fighting an invisible enemy on a daily basis. A person suffering from a contagious disease could unintentionally spread it through touch or via surfaces. It’s our job and moral obligation to do everything we can to launch innovations to prevent this from happening.

- Founders, RuKaInnovation

The company objectives

RuKaInnovation aims to reduce the transmission of diseases by making common contact surfaces like elevator operating panels, door handles, mobile screens, etc. viral and pathogen free. Our products enable you to shield high-touch surfaces against germs and limit the spread of any disease. A perfect durable solution for a well-protected life.


We believe that innovation benefits society & has a transformative impact. We aim to bridge the gap
between production and consumption.


We practice win-win partnerships

We add value to our customers

We deliver what we promise

We strongly believe that if we have the imagination to think about the greater good, then we have the responsibility to act for the greater good.


Natasha Lands

Hayley Courtney-Smith