Frequently asked questions

Delivery is completed within 3 working days in Netherlands and within 7 working days in EU.

As long as the foil remains physically intact and no paint/ coating/ dirt is covering the foil.

Any project and scale can be discussed.

It depends on the metalliferousveins. Copper retains unique characteristics and there are huge difference of antimicrobial effects among various kinds of copper. At RuKaInnovation, only ‘Selective’ and ‘Certified’ copper is used for these films.

No. A unique polymer manufacturing technology prevents the discharge of copper materials. At the sametime, metallic melting process has been verified to be harmless to human beings.

As Copper is not discharged out of the films, it’s not harmful.

Yes, products can be returned within 30 days of ordering provided that the products are not used and adhesive paper is not removed. Courier cost has to be paid by the buyer. Value of the order should be less than 1000 Euro.